Stump grinding is the most cost-effective way to remove the remaining tree stump below grade level. This is typically the last step in the process of a tree removal. Specifically, it is the use of a machine that has carbide teeth that are attached to a wheel that spins and grinds the wood of the stump into a pile of mulch. We can take this with us or leave it for you in a designated area of your property. Grinding a Stump takes proper training and experience to ensure minimal damage to your property. We are confident in saying that once we have removed a tree and the stump has been grinded, you cannot even tell that a tree was once there.

We grind stumps at the time of removal, or we can grind down preexisting stumps from trees previously removed.

Q: Why grind the stump?

Old stumps can be generally ugly. They decay, and can end up housing rodents and bees, and insects of all kinds, especially termites. If a stump is ground down with our stump grinder, it is easier to plant or build something else in its place. We can apply seed, so the “hole” in the lawn is replaced by grass.